Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges: Taking luxury living to greater heights

01/19/2018 | By: Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star)

The three -level Clubhouse Inn.

Business tycoon Roberto Ongpin has taken his property ventures to greater heights as his flagship Alphaland Corp. brings its exclusive line of upscale projects to Baguio City.

Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges is the latest addition to Ongpin’s portfolio of luxury playgrounds for the ultra rich, which include the plush City Club in Alphaland Makati Place and the members-only Balesin Island Club southeast of Quezon province.

It may also just as well be the last frontier in that part of northern Philippines, as the place still boasts of crisp air like the Baguio of olden days, and where one can still wake up to foggy mornings. It is perfect for those who miss the glorious days of the City of Pines when it was still quiet and not as populated as it is now.

Located just nine kilometers north of Baguio City on Ambuklao Road, which is now fully paved, and only a 15-minute drive from Baguio City proper, the project is an 82-hectare master planned development of 300 lodge-style log homes made of western cedar or pine logs imported from Finland.

The property is nestled perfectly on an elevation of 5,300 feet above sea level, above Tagaytay Highlands’s 2,000 feet and Baguio City’s 4,300 feet, allowing residents to enjoy crisp pine-scented mountain air.

The project, with a development cost of P5 billion, will be developed in phases, with the first 50 homes set for delivery by April this year; the next 100 homes by April next year and the final 150 homes by April 2020.

The log homes consist of four-, five- and six-bedroom lodges, selling at P45 million, P50 million and P55 million, respectively.

The master plan was done by Florida-based EcoPlan, the same master planner for the famed Balesin Island Club.

The outdoor areas offer a magnificent view of the mountains on the northeast side.

During a preview late last year, Alphaland project sales manager Sienna Muncada showed the model units of the log homes featuring five distinctive designs.

Model A, with a second floor entry, has a size of approximately 400 sqm and has four bedrooms while Model B, also with four bedrooms and same size, has ground floor entry. The five-bedroom models also have the ground floor and second floor entry options. The six-bedroom lodges, meanwhile, have a size of approximately 500 sqm with second floor entry.

As seen in the model homes, Alphaland Baguio Mountain Lodges are as charming as they can get.

The homes are totally furnished with the finest interior. Anyone viewing the units would most certainly want to buy one.

And why not? The units have fireplaces, elegant furniture, decorative furnishings, luxury bed and bath linens, a bath tub, sauna, an oven, a wine cave and chandeliers.

For instance, there’s a moose, deer, or elk antler chandeliers and rustic-style table lamps. There are wagon wheel ceiling-mounted light fixtures, a portable outdoor grill with cover and lounge chairs outside, where there is a nice view deck to just while the time away.

According to Muncada, all units will be fully treated against termites, and no part of the house that touches the ground will be pine wood. Instead, materials will be either concrete logs or mountain stone finish.

Furthermore, all the log homes will have two fireplaces, one in the main living room and another one in the master bedroom. All doors and windows, except the fixed windows, will have sliding screens.

There is also Clubhouse Inn, which can be fully enjoyed by homeowners and guests. It has three levels, with the main level consisting of a grand fireplace, several sitting and lounging areas, a karaoke room, a fully stocked bar, and two indoor dining areas with a capacity of 16 people.

There are also two outdoor dining areas which can seat a total of 60 guests, with magnificent views of the mountains on the northeast side and Baguio City on the southwest side.

A total of 100 guests can be accommodated to include indoor dining.

Among the clubhouse’s highlights are the fireplace, the dining areas and the scenic elevator which will take guests between their suites and the main sala.

Most of all, guests can enjoy sumptuous dining options cooked by Alphaland’s resident chefs.

The Clubhouse Inn has 12 suites, with magnificent mountain views for overnight stay of guests.

Ongpin found the property more than 40 years ago and built his very own home on it — a charming age-old rustic villa. He later acquired adjacent parcels of land, growing the whole property to its size now.

In Balesin, he recently bought the nearby Patnanungan Island where he will put up an international airport, hotels, villas and a golf course to meet growing demand for the exclusive island resort.

But Alphaland Baguio is a paradise of its own. From its mountain lodges to its clubhouse, its surrounding mountains and breathtaking view, it is a feast for the senses. Indeed from south to north, Alphaland continues to live up to its tradition of developing the country’s best luxurious playgrounds.

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