Wellness Destinations To Visit In The Philippines

10/15/2017 | By: Bianca Salonga

The Philippines, as a travel destination, is most known for pristine shores and clear blue waters. Whenever someone is headed to the country of 7107 islands, the beach remains top-of-mind as far as vacationing is concerned.

There are a number luxury resorts that offer a premium experience of country’s natural wonders. Some of the properties that particularly stand out are those that focus on holistic wellness and healing. The rise in establishments that promote the healthy lifestyle is a response to the growing number of travellers who seek a holiday experiences that promotes overall wellbeing.

These wellness destinations, whether located in the highlands or on a private island provide guests with services, amenities and treatments that help relax, rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and soul. It is boot camp with a view. And while clean eating and working out is definitely on the menu, healthy Michelin-starred degustation dinners and sunrise yoga sessions are but few of the things that enhance the experience. No one destination or treatment program can fit all health needs and travel expectations

Aegle Wellness Center at Balesin Island, Quezon

What to Expect:

Located at the Mykonos Village of Balesin Island, the Aegle Wellness Center is a premium wellness destination that distinguishes itself through state-of-the-art medical facilities and worldclass Thalassotherapy pools. Being located in an exclusive island accessible only to members is an added plus.

A weeklong program at Aegle is designed to cover diagnostics, workout routines, detox, nutritional planning as well as spa treatments and yoga sessions. Diagnostics begin with the assessment of a guests’ current state of health through blood analysis and a general medical check up. A customized diet and supplement plan is then recommended. At Aegle, guests are given a month-long supply of vitamins and other supplements tailored to what the body needs. This is complimented with regular consultations with a nutritionist who will help create a diet plan suited to specific health goals, concerns and lifestyle.

Initial consult with the facility’s in-house doctors help to define goals and come up with a sustainable health plan. Each day follows a schedule of early breakfast, one on one workout at the island’s gym, a soothing dip at the Thalassotherapy pool followed by steam bath and lymphatic massage. By midday, there are medical treatments prescribed depending on the condition of the guest. Intravenous Detox drips (also known as Hangover Heaven) or 40 minutes inside the Hyperbaric Chamber are some of the treatments in the facility that help to restore balance to the body and strengthen the immune system.

While the idea of spending an entire week to detox may seem like boot camp, there is comfort in knowing that Aegle’s approach to healthy eating is centered on finding the right portions and balance. Meals are taken at various outlets on the island that may also include a portioned dinner of sautéed tenderloin meat and salad at Costa del Sol or grilled fish and couscous for lunch at Mykonos. The nutritionist who will sit with guests each meal to discuss sustainable healthy eating. At Aegle, the trained staff believe in balanced diets without deprivation.

Don’t Miss: Take every opportunity to relax in the Thalassotherapy pools, which are jet pools filled with seawater, minerals and essential oils. Each pool is specifically configured to address inflammation, skin conditions and body sores. It is especially soothing to enjoy a few minutes in the healing waters as you hear the sound of crashing waves and feel a fresh sea breeze on your face.

The dips are often followed by massages among them a deep tissue two-hour treatment. This is best enjoyed especially after a full day of HIIT training and biking around. The lymphatic massages at Aegle are ideal not only for detoxifying but also for easing tension and body sores from physical exertion. Pampering hours each day are treats for mind, body and soul to find balance and center.

Hesitance and some anxiety over the concept of being enclosed inside a tubular glass casket for 40 minutes is immediately replaced by the renewed burst of energy brought about by the Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy. This treatment uses high levels of pressure to infuse every cell of the body with 100% oxygen. Those who have undergone the treatment have emerged with visibly radiant skin.

While not walk in the park for those who are afraid of needles, the Intravenous Detox Drip is a quick and surprisingly painless way to strengthen the immune system. A cozy suite dedicated for administering the drip looks out to the ocean and is configured with lounge chairs and television while waiting. Attending physicians at Aegle explain that the key to staying healthy is constant hydration and detox from bodily toxins.

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